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With IMBIL Connect Cloud Voice SIP, your calls are made over your internet connection, rather than a traditional phone line. Calls are prioritised over other internet traffic and there’s in-built resilience too. So you will always have a great connection. - SIP offers more business continuity options than a traditional phone network and promotes your business locally regardless of your location.



A decent Internet connection and a healthy economy go hand in hand. In IMBIL, we provide high-speed internet access which has become increasingly important to both consumers and government. Our internet services allow for high quality and quick access to information, teleconferencing, data transmission and various capacities.



This is a hosted VoIP phone system designed for any business that wants all the features of a system without the headache of running it. It works with Internet fibre. It is cloudbased, so if you move premises, you can always take your phone number with you, wherever you move to. There is no physical hardware to install, maintain, or upgrade. All upgrades are automatic and free. And making changes to your hosted VoIP system and adding users is simple with the online portal. You can use all the features of the system wherever you can get an internet connection, so you can take your office out on the road with you.



IMBIL Total Connect Managed Services entails the provision of ICT equipment, set up processes and all such management services auxiliary thereto. This offers 2 different packages to suit customer needs. These are Basic Services and Advanced Services, where customer needs are given premium priority for resolution. The Basic package offers Help desk Triage, ticket management, cloud break and fix during business hours. It covers web-related issues, email, or telephone problems. The Advanced package offers the Basic package features as well as premium priority support, premium cloud escalation and premium on-premises escalation to ensure the customer gets a premium service.